It's been a busy March as Matti and Ron prepare for their trip to D.C. and Normandy in June for the Albert Small Normandy Institute. Have you visited the part of this website with our weekly homework? If not, pay a visit by clicking here. Both of us spent some time traveling this month and had the chance to make sure our passports check out with U.S. Customs. Matti was on the East Coast braving the Ivy League visiting Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton. Where will she end up? It's anybody's guess right now. Meanwhile, Ron was up in Manitoba braving the elements on a filming/photography/writing project. Talk about two very different trips! 

Matti's History Day project is also headed to Minnesota's state History Day competition on May 4, 2013 at the University of Minnesota. The one photo of us making funny faces came in the anticipation at Regions. Ron had 66 students at Regions from Salk along with six senior high students. The final count of students headed to state include 20 from Salk and all six senior high schoolers. There might be a website or two and a paper but Ron will find that out in a few weeks. Matti's judges were very impressed with her Exhibit Board and how she has some work to get it ready for State in hopes of making it to Nationals. What's the topic? D-Day as a Turning Point of course. Might as well try and get two birds with one stone!

Oh, and 80 days? Really? Wow...time to pack the suitcase.