5:00 A.M.--Humphrey Terminal--Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport--Anxious to board our flight, Matti and I are sitting here in the airport enjoying a nutritious breakfast consisting of coffee and chocolate muffins. Breakfast of champions right? 

Our thoughts and worries are about a safe flight, getting through the D.C. Metro, checking-in to the dorms and what to try and see in the first day and a half of self-guided touring that we have. In the back of our minds, however, are the thoughts of what this trip is all about: learning about valor,  honoring sacrifice, respecting the deeds of others and preserving history. We look forward to sharing this journey with all of you and INVITE you to post your comments, your questions and your requests for information. 

As anxious and anticipatory as we are right now, we cannot help but think about what it must have been like 69 years ago as those soldiers prepared for what Eisenhower called, "A great crusade." Our thoughts and worries cannot compare to the experiences of D-Day but it does well to help focus our minds and hearts on what it means to be on the verge of a "great crusade." We are not facing a formidable enemy, however. Thanks to their sacrifices and service we are blessed to embark on a great crusade of learning, honor and adventure. 

06/14/2013 9:13am

Safe travels! See you at dinner tomorrow!


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